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Tawdry Tidbits

and other frivolous musings.

you’re probably wondering what this wordpress is all about. i mean, there’s not much here – it’s not very fancy, nothing’s very interesting, and to an extent i’m sorry. i don’t mean to disappoint the random human or robot who might stumble across this page, but it’s not really about you. it’s about me.

i need a place to keep my thoughts organized as i venture into the long-awaited [yeah right] project of my memoir…you know, my life as i remember it. hey man, we all have blogs and facebooks now, i think it’s pretty safe to assume that we all want to talk about ourselves at length anyway. i may as well bring that other fantasy, the one about writing a book, into fruition simultaneously.

so why the wordpress? basically i’m taking a different approach than i have in the past and this is like my bookmark; it’s here to remind me where i last left off every time i revisit the idea. i’ll publicly post this and that along with periodic updates on how the writing process is going, but the stories themselves will remain private. i figure this way, whatever ends up on the cutting room floor can be tossed onto this blog as i’m writing. if you like it, you like it. if you don’t, that’s okay. we all need distractions and this will be mine. okay, one of my many.

you can go read more interesting blogs and i won’t be offended. promise.


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